Succeeded with 2013 “OUR A!R!” and 2014 “OUR POWER!”, 2015 Interactive Beijing will entirely focus on the topic of community and it's related issues like future living, collective making etc. As the social innovation pilot of Baitasi ReMade of 2015 BJDW, we begin with the the research of geo-context of this area, and investigate the evolution of an old community with rich history and culture heritage under the rapid urbanisation today. Ans how a mixture of new and old residents in such under developed area, as the functions and structure are being affected and changed. Based on the outputs of survey and observation, we’ll take advantage of innovative means to discuss such topics as commune, communication, entertainment, service, and household, so as to explore possibilities of promoting the efficiency and quality of community life.

During Beijing Design Week, Interactive Beijing will work closely with Seeed Studio to jointly launch “OUR COMMUNITY" - Design for future community living, workshop, hackathon, 8x8 mentorship camp, and conference etc. Tangible designs, smart hardwares, and service products are expected to be rolled out in these activities, which may be invested and implemented in the area.

Working with BJDW we initiated an community service upgrading plan, a series of hubs: “Info Hub", "Reading Hub", "Living Hub", "Sales Hub", plus a fablab module - "Making Hub", as a strategy this cluster of hubs together brings culture experience, living conditions, innovation tools, sales speculation to community as community upgrading plan.

继2013 "OUR A!R!”,2014 "OUR POWER!" 话题之后,交互北京2015年秉承”为改变而设计”将围绕“我们的社区”-未来社区生活(“OUR COMMUNITY" - Future community living)的话题展开。作为2015年北京国际设计周“白塔寺再生计划”的领航员项目,我们从特定的地缘背景(白塔寺社区)出发,观察在快速的城市化进程中,一个依旧蕴含着丰富的历史文化肌理的旧城区的演变过程,其功能和结构不断受到冲击并改变,从而形成了社区内新老居民的混搭居住的生活形态。基于前期调查与观察结果,我们将围绕社区出行、交流、娱乐,服务、家居等不同话题,利用社会创新作为主要工具,探讨和挖掘帮助旧城区提高未来社区生活效率和品质的种种可能性。

在北京国际设计周期间,交互北京Interactive Beijing将会和深圳矽递科技Seeed Studio深度合作,共同发起一系列围绕 “OUR COMMUNITY" - Design for future community living的工作坊、创客马拉松、8X8辅导营、创想大会等活动,并通过以上系列活动激发创新项目,形成软硬件产品、服务模式概念等产出,并尝试促成这些项目的社区落地。

同时我们结合设计周期间的社区服务提升计划,把“自创”这一社区功能嫁接进白塔寺社区,一系列的社区服务中心: 个造物中心(Making Hub), 信息中心(Info Hub)、销售中心(Sales Hub)、阅读中心(Reading Hub),一起为白塔寺社区从文化到创新到生活品质的再生和提升创造可能。